Choir Director: Aneta Rutkowski 773-931-8490

The choir is a ministry as a service dedicated to the animation of the Christian community gathered in both liturgical celebrations like the Mass and other celebrations of our parish for the faithful to approach God through song. The choir helps to live and express the unity of the Mass. The choir helps pray better, because as St Agustin said, “He who sings well prays twice.”

The members of the choir include children, youth and adults which are parishioners of the community. To belong to the choir the children, youth and adults share an environment conducive to a healthy personal and spiritual development, occupying their free time in an educational, creative activity, away from gangs, drug addiction, and crime.

St. Gall 7am Choir
Coordinator: Felipe Flores


St. Gall 9am Choir
Coordinator: Aneta Rutkowski

St. Simon 10am Choir
Coordinator: Dahlia Flores


St. Gall 11am Choir
Coordinator: Juan Gaytan


St. Simon 12pm Choir
Coordinator: Dahlia Flores


St. Gall 1pm Choir
Coordinator: Juan Gaytan

St. Gall 7pm Choir
Coordinator: Alma Molina



St. Gall Parish - St. Simon Chapel