Coordinator/Coordinador: Armando Baeza 312-549-0522

Boxing is a complete exercise that will work all parts of the body. It is an ideal place to train, strengthen and achieve toned muscles and fit activity. This is because boxing practice requires a strong constitution in both directions, because we must not forget that in addition to strength to withstand the attacks of the opponent, it is important to stand up and in constant tension.

With practice boxing get not only wish for bigger and better muscles to exercise them with burning calories through aerobic exercise, but manage to eliminate tension and stress. It’s a good way to relieve exhaust pressure every day. Make us to be free for a while to burn the excess energy that causes us stress. Boxing is offered for kids 7 years and older & adults.

St. Gall Boxing is every Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-7:30pm.


St. Gall Parish - St. Simon Chapel