Altar Servers

Coordinators/Coordinadores: Javier Cervantes 773-612-4560 & Jose de Jesus Hernandez 773-949-9187

Services Offered: These young boys and girls come to assist the Priest and Deacons during the Mass. It is an opportunity for full, active, conscious participation in our liturgies.

HOW TO GIVE BACK: Servers must be in the 5th grade or higher and be a registered member of St. Gall Parish|St. Simon Chapel. Parents and children must both attend informational meetings.  Training must be completed before they can serve. They should arrived 20-minutes before Sunday Mass.  If they are students at St. Gall School, they may be asked to serve at the 8:30am Tuesday Mass.  There will be times when they will be asked to sign up for special liturgical celebrations and Holy Days as needed.




St. Gall Parish - St. Simon Chapel