St. Gall Mission Statement

Be Disciples, Make Disciples


Loving God and Father, our Creator, among your children you allowed Gall, a humble monk to become a saint for your glory and splendor as he continued the evangelizing work of your Son in the world. Through his dedication to prayer, works of mercy and firm faith St. Gall was a missionary disciple who endowed with such great healing power, virtuous life, and love of nature helped others to know Christ. Grant through his intercession the favors needed through our faith. 

St. Gall, humble and courageous you were in life, help the cause of Christ in today’s world to advance in evangelizing others for the glory of God through our faith and dedication, first by being disciples so that we can make disciples. Intercede for us before God. Amen. 

St. Gall Pray for us. 


St. Gall Parish - St. Simon Chapel